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For Your Own Good Please Don’t Rush

Who doesn't like rushing? Who doesn't like to be first? Who doesn't like instant success? Who doesn't like achieving something in the...

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
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Deuteronomy 7:22
The LORD your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once, or the wild animals will multiply around you.

Who doesn’t like rushing? Who doesn’t like to be first? Who doesn’t like instant success? Who doesn’t like achieving something in the shortest time possible? Our Bible text today, advises against an always rushing attitude. For your own good please don’t rush!

Israelites were about to enter the Promised Land. Moses their leader was about to die and hand over leadership to Joshua. Moses already knew that he will not enter the Promised Land. Inspired by God, Moses was preparing the Israelites for the coming events in conquering the Promised Land. Moses assures them that God will help them to conquer the land, but it will not be a rushed process, it will be slow but sure.

In our text today, Israelites are told that God will help them drive out the evil nations from the Promised Land so that they can occupy it. While Israelites would humanly wish for this process of driving out evil nations to be fast, God says, it will not be rushed. While Israelites would like this process of conquering the Promised Land to be rushed so that they settle down and develop, God says, it will not be rushed. For your own good please don’t rush!

God tells them in our text today that they will not be allowed to eliminate their enemies all at once. Success and victory will not be at once, it will not be rushed. God will deliberately slow down your success in conquering the Promised Land. It is God who will slow you down. You may have the plans, the skills, and the ability to rush to excellence at the top immediately, but God will slow you down. God will ensure you lose some battles, you fail here and there so that your progress to total success slows down. For your own good please don’t rush!

The reason why God slows down their success is not that He is a sadist who derives pleasure in people struggling and suffering. God does not derive pleasure in us begging Him for success then He delivers it bit by bit, no! God is so good and loving and no good thing will He deny us, Psalm 84:11. God slows down our success for our good!

The Bible tells us in our text today that if God had allowed Israelites to drive away their enemies and conquer the land all at once, they would have a new and much more complex problem. Israelites were few, and the huge empty chunk of land would allow the multiplication of wild animals that would now pose a new threat. This threat of wild animals was much more complex and God therefore in His love, protected Israelites from this threat by slowing down their success. Therefore slowly by slowly, they moved a step to step towards their success. God did not allow them to rush and this was for their own good. For your own good please don’t rush!

Are you struggling with a slowed-down process? Do you feel that even after prayers, you are not succeeding as fast as you would wish? Have you done everything you could do, but the achievements are small and almost negligible? Are the gains so little that you feel like they are not worth the efforts? Are you ready to rush to total excellence but it seems no amount of prayer and hardworking is taking you there? Is your rush deliberately slowed down? Do you even suspect foul play, witchcraft, or just demonic forces acting against you? In the light of our text today, do you realize that the slowed progress could be God’s loving act, to protect you from much more complex problems that can ensue? If you have prayed and done your best, yet the progress is deliberately slowed down, accept it, it is the loving hand of God. For your own good please don’t rush!

If you suddenly succeeded as you wish, the devil and your enemies would bring to you more complex problems that for now, you are not prepared and ready to handle. Every success comes with its set of problems. God is still preparing you to conquer the problems that will come with total success, therefore He has slowed you down for your own good. For now, you are not ready. You are ready for success but you are not ready for the related problems. The problems related to your total success are so complex that they can totally destroy you and nullify all past efforts. Therefore for your own good, God slows down your success rate so that He prepares you for victory and victory over problems that will come with victory. For your own good please don’t rush!

Have you been making good business progress then all of a sudden you seem slowed down and you can’t explain why you are not moving as fast as you had started? Is your employment all of a sudden changed and the environment to progress is now toxic and clearly you have been slowed down? Is the investment you had projected to succeed now having new unforeseen challenges and you are getting discouraged as it clearly seems, there will be a delay? Is your health picking up slowly, yet the initial medication had just done it fast enough? Does something seem to have caused a slowing down? Were you excited spiritually and were regularly studying the Bible and praying and now all of a sudden you are not getting what you read and you seem to be slowed down, yet you are really trying?

After your wedding, you were rushing to be the happiest couple with zero issues and this was clearly a marriage made in heaven. You were ready to solve all issues like adults. You had begun afresh as a couple after the last disagreement and you were now happy and moving forward, then all of a sudden you seem slowed down. The happiness seems elusive and the move towards being a perfect couple is clearly thwarted by surprising or unexplained issues. Do you feel your marriage is slowed down? Is your relationship slowed down? You just met the right person and started so well, but now, you are no longer sure if you should even go on with this. You feel slowed down. You started well academically, but some topics came in midway and you now get nothing in that class. Do you feel slowed down?

If you have prayed and done your best and yet you are still slowed down, it is the will of God. The devil cannot outwit God. Your enemies cannot outwit God. God will always have His way. Even if the slowing down can be explained and God has allowed it, it is the will of God. If God has allowed us to slow down, let us move slowly, it is for our own good. God knows our past, present, and future. God knows what is best for the moment. If God slows you down, pray for patience, and go slow in His name. For your own good please don’t rush!

Dear God, grant me patience and wisdom to discern, whenever you slow me down, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
Rei Kesis is an ordained Pastor of the SDA Church and A Senior Lecturer of Applied Theology and Religious Studies. Profile

44 Replies to “For Your Own Good Please Don’t Rush”

  1. Amen Dr. Kesis, the reading is very inspiring. May God keep increasing your knowledge and wisdom as you keep feeding us. Taking things one day at a time as He wills!

  2. Amen 🙏

    May God grant me the patience and wisdom to discern whenever I have been slowed down because it’s for my own good.

    In the Name of Jesus I pray.

    Happy midweek my Pastor and friend 😊

  3. May God grant patience to allow Him control all aspects of my life because I am only but His representative.God bless you Pastor

  4. Amen. May God grant me the understanding to understand when he’s slowing down the process of my life.

  5. Thank you Doc for making me understand that God has His own time and style of making our life better than we do

  6. This morning someone really made me furious and disappointed but after reading the devotion today, it helped me and I kept my cool! Thank you Pastor for speaking to me.
    God bless you

  7. Indeed the message is powerful. May God grand us the spirit of discernment to know God’s will when slowed down.God bless you Dr Kesis

  8. Amen.Dear God, grant me patience and wisdom to discern, whenever you slow me down, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

  9. Praise be to God for slowing me down and delaying my success. Thanks a lot my Pastor.

  10. Amen.
    Thank you very much pastor.
    The issue of delay bothered me many times, until when I read that verse in Deuteronomy.
    Thanks again for applying it widely in our lives.

  11. There is a time and season for everything within the precincts of His plan and wishes. Amen Pr.!

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