Dr. Rei Towet Kesis

I sit in church or religious class and struggle to understand what is being taught and preached. I realize a few other people are struggling too. The meeting ends and we are satisfied with having appeared. Somehow in my mind I decide that only a few people can ever learn and understand certain things. But this is not right. I read scholars’ articles on very serious issues, the vocabulary is deep, the language is way above the average member of the church. My mind wonders and struggles with, how can this be simplified for everybody? God’s word cannot be a preserve of only a few people. So at some point in my life, I resolved that it is my mission to make things simpler so that even the least educated and youngest child can understand the word of God. Apart from my love for grey colors, traveling and eating chapati, I have a passion for teaching, preaching and simplifying everything for those I address. My continuous worry, is always, was it simple enough for everybody?

Dr. Rei Towet Kesis is currently a full-time Senior Lecturer of Applied Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton. He has over ten years of experience in teaching at the university and training pastors. He has also served at the University as Dean of Men, Chaplain, Special Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor, and as Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Student Affairs and Services.