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Nuggets to Live By is a targeted collection of powerful and timely messages to the young and the old; and Christians at various stages of spiritual growth. The messages are designed to re-ignite a closer walk with God and take us back to where we first believed.

Changes In Urban Kenya SDA Church Standards

You can’t resist change but you can identify it and work with it. The author identifies the kind of changes taking place around the historical standards of the Urban SDA church in Kenya. Historical standards sustain and ensure mission continuity of an organization. Mission is the only reason why the organization exists. A change in historical standards will be a change in mission which will also means a change of organization. Changes can be positive or negative. A church as an organization is in urban and rural areas. Changes are more likely to move from urban to rural areas that is why the study focused on urban areas.

Interest in Religious Activities at the University

University students are at a stage that prepares them to participate and contribute to society. Religion is a significant phenomenon in life that this students should participate in directly or indirectly. It therefore is a concern if university students are not interested in religious activities. This book explores this problem and recommends solutions from the perspective of a church owned institution, University of Eastern Africa,Baraton.

Wholistic or Holistic? Does It Matter?

How innocent are these words wholistic and holistic? Could they be having any implication on the theology of the Seventh-day Adventist church? It is true that words can have more than one meaning, but what happens if the word originates from a philosophy that is theologically unacceptable, should it be ignored? Writing from a Christian Seventh-day Adventist perspective this paper seeks to find out the reason why Wholism would be preferable to holism among Adventists. The first question to be…

Dr. Rei T. Kesis