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My Love, I Need To Know More About You

A person who is in a relationship should not be wandering about as if they are single. There is a mannerism associated...

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
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Song of Songs 1:7
Tell me, you whom I love,
where you graze your flock
and where you rest your sheep at midday.
Why should I be like a veiled woman
beside the flocks of your friends?

Contemporary English Version
My darling, I love you! Where do you feed your sheep and let them rest at noon? Don’t let the other shepherds think badly of me. I’m not one of those women who shamelessly follow after shepherds.

Good News Translation
Tell me, my love, Where will you lead your flock to graze? Where will they rest from the noonday sun? Why should I need to look for you among the flocks of the other shepherds?

How to interpret the Bible book of Song of songs has been handled in various articles on this website, all you have to do is search the site. Whichever way one looks at this book, it is difficult to ignore the value of human love between males and females who are courting for marriage. Even if it is symbolic of the relationship between Christ and the church, the symbolism is based on a real experience that men and women go through as they fall in love and prepare for marriage. Therefore among the many things that one can learn from this book, is how men and women should relate.

The book is made of conversations between the man assumed to be King Solomon and his love lady referred to as the Shulammite. In between, there are friends who make responses. In our text today, the one speaking is the Shulammite. She tells the man, to reveal his whereabouts. Men were shepherds those days and they would go out to graze their flock. At mid-day, they would rest with their sheep since it was too hot. Now the lady asks the man to tell her where he will be going to graze his flocks. She also wants to know where he will be resting at noonday. The lady wants to know everything. My love, I need to know more about you!

The lady goes further to explain to the man why she needs to know more about him. She tells the man that while looking for him, she will interact with many shepherds. She doesn’t want to look like a veiled woman. Veiled could mean hidden. In that, they do not know her relationship with him and so they may not direct her to him. If their relationship is hidden then they can even take advantage of her and abuse her, yet these could be her friends. So she shouldn’t be veiled to his friends. If the friends know that they are in a relationship, they will respect her and help her find him when she comes searching. This is why she wants to know more about him and be introduced to his friends. My love, I need to know more about you!

A relationship where your partner has not introduced you to any relative or friend is not a safe relationship. This may not be immediately the relationship begins, but gradually as the relationship grows, it’s good to know who else relates with this person. No relatives and no friends, most likely you are dealing with a fraud of a person or a psychopath. The Shulammite tells the man, why should I be veiled among your friends. Let me know more about you. If you meet relatives and friends, you get to know more about a person. My love, I need to know more about you!

“Why should I be like a veiled woman?” Veiled could also refer to a prostitute. Tamar was veiled in order to seduce Judah as a prostitute, Genesis 38:14-15. The lady tells the man that if I come looking for you without knowing your whereabouts, I will be wandering around the various groups of shepherds and they may think I am a prostitute. To avoid portraying myself as a prostitute, I need to know your whereabouts. My love, I need to know more about you!

A person who is in a relationship should not be wandering about as if they are single. There is a mannerism associated with someone who has found a loved one. The lady tells the man, I should no longer conduct myself as if I am available to any other person. Therefore, I should know more about you and when I come out I come straight to you. This is why I need to know more about you. My love, I need to know more about you!

The Shulammite doesn’t want to be seen hanging out with other shepherds yet she has her man. We shouldn’t entertain flirting with people who are not our loved ones. We should respect ourselves and respect our loved ones by openly and clearly showing affection for them only. The Shulammite wants to only go straight to her lover and not be seen asking for direction from others shepherds. My love, I need to know more about you!

When your spouse doesn’t know much about you, it is a bad sign. When your spouse must ask around to know your whereabouts, there is a problem. If significant information is hidden from your loved one, you are not safe. The Shulammite says I need to know more so that I don’t seem like a veiled woman. My love, I need to know more about you!

May we get to know more about God who is our true love. May we accept a steady and clearer knowledge of each other with those whom we are in love so that we do not seem veiled to each other, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
Rei Kesis is an ordained Pastor of the SDA Church and A Senior Lecturer of Applied Theology and Religious Studies. Profile

22 Replies to “My Love, I Need To Know More About You”

  1. Amen 🙏

    May I get to know more about God who is my true Love.

    May I accept a steady and clearer knowledge of those whom I am in love with so that I do not seem veiled to them, Jesus Christ included- to His honour and glory I pray.

    Thank you for sharing and God bless.

  2. Wonderful, knowledge about the one you love or one who loves you is critical. God loves us and knowing more about him will strengthen our love for him. Amen

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