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Share The Credit Share The Limelight

If you didn't do it alone, do not accept the recognition alone. It is godly to share but even where sharing is...

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
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2 Chronicles 4:11
And Huram also made the pots and shovels and sprinkling bowls.
So Huram finished the work he had undertaken for King Solomon in the temple of God:

Credit is the appreciation and acknowledgment of the contribution of an individual or individuals in a successful venture. At the end of a Program or documentary or film or movie, a long list of names rolls by the screen, those are credited to those who contributed. Major media outlets will always give credits to their source of pictures and videos. Scholars worth their salt will always give credit to ideas and quotes they use in their works. Giving credit is acknowledging the contribution of others to that which has succeeded. Share the credit share the limelight!

Limelight is used in halls where people assemble for meetings, celebrations, parties, and giving awards. The light shines amidst the darkness. many times the hall is in dim light or darkness, then the limelight shines on those who should be the focus of everyone’s attention. Everyone is in the dark or dim light except the performing artist who has round bright light around him/her so that everyone’s attention is on him/her, that is limelight. Limelight is also used to refer to a person who has won the attention of many and is the subject of focus and discussion. When work is well done, people’s attention goes to the people who brought about the success. They are in the limelight. Share the credit share the limelight!

Credit and limelight is the preserve of those who have excelled, those who have done well. Credit and limelight are for those who should be thanked for a job well done. Share the credit share the limelight!

King David desired to build a temple for God but God asked him to give the assignment to his son King Solomon. King Solomon did a splendid job in building the temple, the most magnificent temple in history. When the Bible records this great assignment, it does not give credit and limelight to Solomon alone, even the actual builder like Huram is recognized. Solomon hired Huram and Huram did a good job. Many selfish leaders would not want Huram to be mentioned once the work succeeds. God commands you today not to be selfish. Share the credit share the limelight!

Solomon was the chief supervisor, but the actual work was done by many people under him. It is biblical to give credit to everyone and even where possible mention them. It is selfish, unrealistic, and evil for a leader to make it seem like they by themselves caused the success. No leader can work alone. The success of any leader is in the hands of many unknown people under him/her. It is prudent and encouraging to recognize the contribution of others. Share the credit share the limelight!

If you depend on usurping the credit due to others in order to look good as a leader you are a failure. If giving credit to others threatens your position in leadership, you do not deserve that position, in fact, you never deserved it. You should be so confident and effective that the excellence of others supports your work and does not threaten you. Share the credit share the limelight!

If you have good self-esteem, you will share credit and the limelight. If you know that it is God who gave you the leadership and only He can take it back, you will give credit where it is due. It takes leadership maturity in Christ to see others better than you and you are not threatened. Acknowledge those who are better than you. Allow others to shine under your leadership. That is leadership maturity. You can have many years of experience in leadership but lack the maturity to share credit and limelight. Share the credit share the limelight!

If your leadership depends on silencing and stopping the excellent, it is leadership built on quicksand. Your leadership should promote those under you to outshine you. When you support others to outshine you, you become a master of the excellent. If you silence the best under you, you become a master of the incompetent you prefer to work with. If you openly acknowledge the excellence of others, there will be no rumors doing rounds that you are not as good as so and so. You kill the rumors and talks by supporting the excellent under you. When you support the excellent under you, you share their excellence. When you fight the best under you, you force observers to compare you and those you dislike. Share the credit share the limelight!

A wise leader will self preserve themself by sharing credit and limelight. When you want us to believe that all excellence is because of you alone, we will also blame you for all failure even that which is occasioned by others. There are wisdom, strategy, and tact in a leader who shares the credit and the limelight. Share the credit share the limelight!

The morale of all workers is highly boosted when they are acknowledged publicly. When their best efforts behind the curtains are recognized. Not the blanket recognition that is so routine and means nothing, but the very specific recognition of each person’s efforts in the work. Share the credit share the limelight!

Teachers can give credit to students who solved a math problem that had almost challenged them. A musician can give credit to another musician who raised them up. A driver can give credit to a newer faster car as being better than his and let it overtake safely without cursing. Make it a habit to consider others better than you genuinely and thereby share the credit and the limelight with them. Share the credit share the limelight!

However, take note that it is in bad taste for anyone who deserves credit to demand credit. It is uncivilized for you if you deserve recognition to demand recognition. Demanding it waters down the credit and the limelight. If you get the credit and the limelight you glorify God and enjoy it. If you do not get it, move on and let God credit you in the future in His own time. Don’t demand, don’t search, don’t plead, don’t pay for it, let it come naturally, or let God bless you even when people forget you. Share the credit share the limelight!

Dear God, we cannot share the credit and limelight with You. You deserve all the credit and limelight attention. However, allow us to be wise enough to share credit and limelight with all those who are under us, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
Rei Kesis is an ordained Pastor of the SDA Church and A Senior Lecturer of Applied Theology and Religious Studies. Profile

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