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This Is Akin To Military Strategy

Why is military strategy being applied in business today? Why are leaders with no military interests busy consuming literature on military strategy?...

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
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Numbers 4:49
At the LORD’s command through Moses, each was assigned his work and told what to carry.
Thus they were counted, as the LORD commanded Moses.

Military strategy is so effective in achieving desired goals that it is now being employed in the business. We now have numerous books that apply the military strategy to the business world. Out of successful application of military strategy was born the need to have strategic plans for organizations. Therefore in order to succeed in what we do as individuals, in organizations, and in churches we need a basic understanding of the military strategy. What is in the passage of consideration today is akin to military strategy.

Western military strategists like Clausewitz and Eastern military strategists like Sun Tzu have already defined military strategy with an emphasis on planning. Planning is key to military strategy. Second to planning is breaking down any assignment into small bits and assigning different people to address each bit. That, in simple terms, is the military strategy. Plan the whole war by breaking it down into battles and then assigning resources for each battle. During each battle, tactics are used and it includes deception which believers cannot apply. Tactics are used to achieve the strategy. strategy contributes to the final success of the plan to win the war. What we have in the Bible today is akin to military strategy.

Have a clear objective. Have a plan to achieve that bigger goal. Break down what must be done into small parts and assign different people to do the work within a period of time. The assignment is what to do. The how to do it are the tactics. That is the military strategy.

Our Bible chapter today tells us that God advised Moses on how to relocate the Sanctuary or place of worship whenever they want to move from where they had settled to another place. The Sanctuary was huge and complex, with very holy items that if anyone saw or touched they would die. God, therefore, gave a plan that is akin to military strategy.

God asked the people to count all those who will be involved in the work. It is good to count and know what resources are available. God assigned Kohathites to carry the holiest items after they are fully covered, Numbers 4:15. God assigned Gershonites to carry all the curtains, Numbers 4:25. What was remaining after removing most holy items and curtains were poles and whatever else was used. God assigned Merarites to carry all poles, bars, etc., Numbers 4:31-32. These planning and assigning of duties are what military strategy applies in order to succeed even today. This is akin to military strategy.

In Numbers 4:32 God emphasizes that even in those groups each man must be assigned a specific duty of what to carry. That specialization and assignment are what the military does and succeeds. This is akin to military strategy.

The objective was clear – moving the Sanctuary to a new location. The leadership was Aaron and his sons. The Assignment was broken down into three. (1) Remove the holiest items wrap them up and then hand them over to Kohathites. (2) Remove all curtains and hand them over to Gershonites. (3) Remove all poles, bars, and whatever else and hand them over to Merarites. Then in reverse order, the tent will be constructed at a new site. This divine strategy that some people now call military strategy made work easy, effective, less confusing, and successful. This is akin to military strategy.

This is what God expected of Moses and still expects of all leaders who serve in the church and outside the church. God hates confusion where no one knows who was to do what. In 1 Corinthians 14:40, Paul tells the Corinthian church that everything must be done in a fitting and orderly manner. Our church services must have military precision and strategies. Our church mission is achievable if plans are made and resources applied with an aim to succeed.

In our personal lives, we must have daily plans written down. Monthly plans. Annual plans. We then should break down those plans into what we need to do to achieve them. Then we are to work on each bit one by one until we achieve the desired goal. This is what God taught His people. We do not need to be taught like new knowledge by a motivational speaker, yet it has been in the Bible all along. Students at any and all levels should have timetables of how they will study daily. Have a goal, break down the goal into what to do in order to succeed. This is akin to military strategy.

Military strategy has a very high rate of success and it’s biblical in a very general sense. It never began from the military, it came from God. If we desire to succeed, we must use this strategy from now on in everything we do. May God enable us to apply this strategy until we succeed to His honor and glory, Amen!

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
Rei Kesis is an ordained Pastor of the SDA Church and A Senior Lecturer of Applied Theology and Religious Studies. Profile

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  1. Amen.
    Indeed strategy is very Biblical and God is our is our model strategist.
    Thank you pastor and God bless you.

  2. Amen!
    Pastor I humbly request devotional lessons on the fifth commandment; honouring parents and reaping what has been sown.

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