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Be Very Clear On Who Sent You

Who sent you into that profession? Did you pray for God's guidance or it was an arrangement and wish of your relatives?...

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
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Galatians 1:1
Paul, an apostle —sent not from men nor by a man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised him from the dead —

The opening remarks of the book of Galatians by Apostle Paul are quite telling. He introduces himself to this church the recipients of this letter in a particular manner. His introduction has points to pass across. He tells the church that he is an apostle sent not from men and not sent by any man. He tells the church that the only one who sent him, the only authority he responded to is God. He wants it to be very clear from the beginning on who sent him. Be very clear on who sent you!

He tells the church that he has been sent by Jesus Christ and also by God the Father. He separates the two members of the Godhead or Trinity as prefer to refer to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He separates the two, to show that they are not the same person with different names. He tells us he has been sent by Jesus. Then he further tells us that he has also been sent by God the Father who raised Jesus from the dead. From Paul’s understanding, God the Son, Jesus Christ, and God the Father are two distinct persons of the Godhead. He presents them as the only worthy authorities that could send him. Be very clear on who sent you!

Acts 20:22-23
“And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there. (23) I only know that in every city the Holy Spirit warns me that prison and hardships are facing me.

Paul elsewhere also shows that he is led by God the Holy Spirit. Therefore, what Apostle Paul wants us to know is that his ministry was not influenced, empowered, or patronized by any human being. He wants us to know that he only responds to the guidance and leadership of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The three distinct persons of the Godhead, yet one God. He serves God only. He has been sent by God. Be very clear on who sent you!

Galatians 1:8
But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!

Paul clarifies that angels are not his authority. Angels are heavenly beings created by God. Paul cannot pray to angels for they are creatures. Paul cannot be a servant of angels since they too are creatures. If angels contradict what God has said, Paul declares a curse even on them. Just because angels live in heaven does not mean they become a source of authority for human beings. If Paul doesn’t take orders from angels if it contradicts God’s express will, would he take it from dead saints? Never! Dead Apostles, Dead Prophets, and Dead Church leaders have no authority or value to help anyone. Paul has only one authority that sent him, God and God alone. Be very clear on who sent you!

In Galatians 1:11-12, Paul repeats that what he is preaching has no origin in human authority and wisdom. Paul emphasizes that no human being is guiding him or influencing him. Paul is preaching what is consistent with God’s word. Paul is not preaching what human beings have sat and agreed to be right. He is not serving a certain school of thought. He is serving God only. Paul was very clear on who sent him. Be very clear on who sent you!

When God called Paul to leave Judaism and be a Christian preacher, in Galatians 1:17, Paul tells us that he did not go to Jerusalem to get the blessings and goodwill of the Apostles. Galatians 1:18-19 Paul tells us that he, later on, three years later after the call to preaching met only Peter and James of all the Apostles, and it was purely for acquaintance and not for seeking authority to preach. He did not need their authority or ok. Paul was sent by God and not Apostles. What Apostles thought or wished for was inconsequential to his ministry. God sent him and only God mattered. Be very clear on who sent you!

What is the source of your authority? Is your faith your parents’ faith or your own faith? Are you attending a church that teaches what is in the Bible or what you found when growing up? Who sent you to that place of worship? Have you verified if it’s God? Be very clear on who sent you!

Who sent you into that profession? Did you pray for God’s guidance or it was an arrangement and wish of your relatives? Who sent you to that relationship? Your desires? Convenience? Desperation? Or did you pray about it? Who sent you into that marriage? Unexpected pregnancy? Unemployment? Advancing age? Or did you pray for God’s will to be clear on that marriage? Be very clear on who sent you!

We tend to obey the one who sends us. If it is human beings we will listen to them. If it is God, we will listen to Him. Your employment and businesses will be protected by those who sent you there. I pray that it is God for that is sure security. If parents are the reason behind your relationship and marriage, they will keep interfering. If God sends you to the relationship or marriage, you will apply the principles of God, love, patience, kindness, forgiving, etc. It all depends on who sent you. Be very clear on who sent you!

Dear God, save me from where people have sent me and now I am indebted to them. Save me from where a tribe or race has sent me to represent them. Save me from being ordered around against your will by even celestial beings like angels or even dead saints who or other current human authorities. Oh God, send me everywhere I must go, whether in my work, relationships, my health, etc. Send me Oh God, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
Rei Kesis is an ordained Pastor of the SDA Church and A Senior Lecturer of Applied Theology and Religious Studies. Profile

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  1. Amen! I join you in this prayer.. May God send me wherever He wants me to be and I WILL GO…

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