Face-to-face is Better Than Media Interaction

Prof. Rei Kesis is an ordained Pastor of the SDA Church and An Associate Professor of Applied Theology and Religious Studies. College Principal. An Award-Winning Author, Prolific blogger @reikesis.com, Content Creator at YouTube, TikTok, etc., and an Endorsed Chaplain.

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  1. May God heal the land of this pandemic and enable us to resume face-to-face interactions unreservedly. Thank you Pastor. Good day..

  2. Amen 🙏

    May God grant me the complete joy of interaction, in the Name of Jesus I pray.

    Thank you, my brother for this sharing and may God bless you.

    Happy preparation day 😊

  3. People have preferred not the face to face interaction since the phones came into being. May God help us all not to forget that face to face interaction is very important and, I believe/ think God loves when we have face to face interaction. Thank you Dr. Kesis

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