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How To Fully Mature In Jesus Christ!

You came in knowing only one Bible story and half a teaching of the church and that is okay. But it is...

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
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Colossians 1:28
He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.

Any time we talk of maturity there must be growth. Christianity is not a place you jump in and settle, it is a process you advance in. You walk from one point to another. You grow from childhood to maturity. Therefore we need to keep going and not settle at the point where we came in.

You came in knowing only one Bible story and half a teaching of the church and that is okay. But it is not okay to continue staying at that level of ignorance, there is a need to grow. You knew nothing about church structure and leadership and that was okay at that time but not several years later since you came into the church. You need to grow!

A few years ago you were struggling with the use of cursing words, anger, or even pornography. It was ok to struggle with those things at that time, but now you should be experiencing victory. There is a need to keep growing and overcoming sin and sinful habits.

As you started you struggled with Bible study and prayer. It seemed mechanical and ineffective. Several months and years later, you should now have it as an enjoyable habit of your life. You need to grow in Christ.

For example, your biggest struggle was to return a true tithe and offering. You defaulted and tried again. That is how we all begin. But over time, you experience God’s blessings and you realize His promise to bless us when we give is true. Several weeks, months, and years later, you should be excited to give without coercion or struggle, that is growth. We need to grow in Christ!

Apostle Paul tells the church of the Colossians that the reason why he and others preach, admonish and teach is so that the church may fully mature. You cannot fully mature without listening to sermons being preached. You cannot fully mature unless you accept admonition from the pulpit. Admonish is to warn, reprimand and condemn bad behavior. Admonition brings growth to those who accept it. You cannot fully mature unless you are taught. You need to be taught church beliefs. You need to be taught how to evangelize. You need to be taught how to preach and teach. You need to be taught how to study the Bible. Without being taught you cannot grow in Christ. This is how to fully mature in Christ Jesus!

You need to ask yourself as I ask myself whether we are growing fully in Christ. Are we attending enough sermon sessions? Are we accepting correction? Are we being taught so that we keep getting better? Those are the conditions that will by the power of the Holy Spirit cause full maturity.

May God help us to examine ourselves if we are fully maturing. May God help us not to miss sermon time. May God help us so that we do not resist correction. May God help us so that we accept to be taught and we keep learning from reliable sources. May God the Holy Spirit facilitate our full maturity, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
Rei Kesis is an ordained Pastor of the SDA Church and A Senior Lecturer of Applied Theology and Religious Studies. Profile

Even Though…

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18 Replies to “How To Fully Mature In Jesus Christ!”

  1. Amen 🙏

    May God help me to self examine if I am fully maturing. Help me God, so that I do not resist correction.

    May God help me to accept being taught as I keep learning from reliable sources.

    May God the Holy Spirit facilitate my full maturity-to His honour and glory I pray.

    Thank you for sharing my brother. May your new week be a blessing to you and yours…

  2. Indeed we need to grow spiritually each and everyday…Thank you for this wonderful message may God bless your ministry

  3. A great wake-up call and check mate for us to focus on growth in Christ. Jesus Christ should help us to be willing to undergo the necessary activities to nourish our growth in Christ. The problem of the majority of us youths is that we like just to sing in front, many a times not that we are admonished by the message in the song, but singing for amens, but we hardly read our Bibles. We watch movies until late midnight, and wake up almost noon the next day. We need to love sermons, Bible studies, and reading these inspired articles. AMEN!

  4. May I experience growth in all aspects of my life in Jesus name. My God bless you pastor, you are a such a blessing to me.

  5. I would like to be strong in my faith. How many times should I pray I like praying at 3am or anytime I feel like praying but at times I find myself not waking up please help.i gave my life to Christ and I want to keep this faith please help

    1. Congratulations on finding a new faith. God bless you so much!

      The good news Christianity is not a school with a harsh timetable on when to wake up and when to sleep and eat.

      God is not a school teacher who harshly expects you to strain in communicating with Him. That is not the God of the Bible.

      The God of the Bible is loving, caring, and above all else He wants you to be a friend.

      When friends talk and communicate, they don’t strain, they enjoy and they don’t feel threatened.

      God knows everything and He knows when you are tired and unable to wake up. The value of the prayer is not in the suffering you have gone through in order to pray. God is not moved by the fact that you woke up at 3am under duress and struggle. God knows you were tired and whenever you wake up He will hear you and answer you.

      Our God is not a 3am God. He is ever-present all the time. Prayer anytime will reach God.

      You will keep this faith if you enjoy the walk with God and not when you suffer through it.

      The secret is don’t stop daily Bible study and prayer, add to it regular church attendance.

      I invite you to listen to several sermons on the Rei Kesis YouTube Channel. There are sermons done for South Africa 5am group and there is one done for the Uganda mission – they will answer many of your questions. To access that YouTube channel click on this link

      Keep us updated and ask more questions, we are here for you on the journey to the kingdom!

  6. Lord help me to look at myself and be living and kind just as jesus was to me.Lord I want to mature more just like jesus .Loving towards all at all times forgive and love the worthwhile heartily with all my mind heart and strength.Loving jesus and stay in his holy will.

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