Warning, Don’t Kill The Murderer!

Don’t kill the murderer? The murderer? Confirmed murderer? The murderer deserves to die! Who said that we shouldn’t kill the murderer? Why shouldn’t we kill the murderer? Could there be something more to this command?

Genesis 4:15
But the LORD said to him, “Not so; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over. ” Then the LORD put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him.

Justice requires that after confirmation of guilt a murderer should face death for causing death. In other jurisdictions, the punishment is a life sentence in prison. Yet in our text today, we get a strange command. Warning, don’t kill the murderer!

Cain son of Adam was the first murderer in Bible history. Cain killed his brother Abel because of jealousy. God had favored Abel and rejected Cain as they made offerings. Cain did not direct his anger to God, instead he developed a hatred for Abel and he killed him. If God blesses somebody and it disturbs you, you are not only a witch but a murderer in the order of Cain.

The spirit of Cain still hovers around us and amongst us. So many of us just get uncomfortable when others seem to be doing well. Murderers in the order of Cain. Do you think someone is bragging when they report their blessings? Do you blame social media as a place where people show off false success? Does that false success so disturb you yet it doesn’t stop you from succeeding? You are qualified to a murderer in the infamous order of Cain.

God did not stop the murder of Abel, yet He was watching and He confronted Cain immediately after that, Genesis 4:8-9. God did not stop the murder of Stephen and even that of Jesus, James, etc. When God doesn’t stop bad things from happening, it doesn’t mean He is absent or unable. He has a grand plan that our teary eyes would not perceive and appreciate for now. God was present and watched your terrible unfortunate situation taking place. He is aware and will address it comprehensively!

God tells Cain that he is cursed for murdering his brother. Cain does not repent but instead presents his worry before God. Cain is worried that someone will kill him as they avenge the death of Abel. God then makes a strange assurance by protecting Cain a murderer from being killed. God warns that whoever kills Cain for having killed his brother Abel, would be punished severely. Warning, don’t kill the murderer!

God does this because God has never allowed anyone in history to revenge in any way. God tells us consistently that revenge belongs to Him and Him alone, Romans 12:19. Even when the mistake is confirmed, you have no personal right to revenge. God reserves the exclusive right to revenge. Romans 13:4 tells us that God has given governments the authority to punish, to avenge for the sake of law and order. But individuals have no right to avenge, even confirmed murderers. Warning, don’t kill the murderer!

Have you found a murderer? Someone who murdered your dreams? Someone who murdered your hopes? Someone who murdered your future plans? Someone who murdered your love life? Someone who murdered your business? Someone who murdered your career? Someone who murdered your reputation? Someone who actually wanted or wants to murder you? Warning, don’t kill the murderer!

Stay off from murderers. Keep safe from murderers. Do not expose yourself to murderers. God will avenge but do not act foolishly, keep safe from murderers. Do not be naive around murderers. Avoid gullibility in a society full of murderers. Keep safe from them but do not kill them. Warning, don’t kill the murderer!

May God help me to avoid murderers. May God help me to forgive and let him deal with murderers that I confirm and those that I can’t confirm. May the power to forgive and leave pain into God’s hands be mine even today, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

NEW SERIES ALERT! The good news is that we have finished the series throughout the Bible on Chapter seven of the Bible books. We are beginning a new journey throughout the Bible by studying Chapter four of each Bible book. Through this method, we go through each Bible book three to four times a year. Welcome and be blessed!

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    1. Amen.
      Thank you for the lesson pastor.
      I’m also glad to begin the new series with you.
      God bless you.

    2. Amen 🙏

      May God help me to forgive and let Him deal with murderers in my life- those that I can and those that I can’t confirm. To His honour and glory.

      Happy Sabbath

    3. Great and inspiring message pastor,I have been downloading your clips and has changed my spiritual growth,i.e” Happiness is not getting what you want all the time”my Skiza tune,Be blessed more…

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