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The Secret Behind Their Order and Excellence

God is depicted as being served by all sorts of creatures and beings. God is depicted as operating in an environment far...

Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
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Ezekiel 1:20
Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.

The beginning of the book of Ezekiel requires one to read slowly and try to imagine what is explained. It is easy to imagine what we know and have experienced. Prophet Ezekiel narrates what he saw in vision. What he saw in vision does not resonate with how we know things. It is mind-boggling. Wheels with eyes. Wheels within wheels. Wheels that can go any and all directions at any one go. A combination of wheels and wings. Creatures. Angels. Voices that are rumbling etc.

What Ezekiel is describing is clearly celestial. The vision is focused around the throne of God and the creatures that are around the throne and their activities. In Revelation chapter four and five the creatures and other beings around the throne are seen to be ever praising God. In Ezekiel, the creatures and beings around the throne of God are seen in constant motion. What is notable however is the perfect motion despite the complexity of their wheels, wings, and connection to each other.

God is depicted as being served by all sorts of creatures and beings. God is depicted as operating in an environment far removed from anything we can associate with. While we serve God within our limitations and imperfections, Ezekiel depicts God as being served in heaven by beings who are extremely orderly and excellent in motion. They perfectly execute their service to God in a manner that leaves us in awe.

If they in heaven and we on earth are serving God, then we have a lot to learn. The first is that God accepts our service by grace. Why? Because the service God receives in heaven dims and dwarfs whatever we may call our best on earth. For God to care to attend our service of Him and bless it, is because He is good and not because we have done anything worth it. The creatures and beings in heaven as seen by Ezekiel are offering God a perfect flawless service. Yet we offer the same God disorganized worship services, late programs, disorganized coordination of events, and poorly prepared and rehearsed songs. But in His grace, God accepts and blesses us!

A rushed sermon. Quickly written. Unclear thoughts. Poorly presented. Unconvincing tone and lack of conviction from the preacher, yet, God uses it to reach souls and bring them to Himself. Isn’t that God’s grace? Yet that same God is getting such a perfect service from His servants in heaven. Aren’t we much more favored?

Secondly, we have nothing to be proud of when serving God. You can’t mesmerize God. When we do our very best, we are nowhere close to what creatures and beings in heaven offer God. We should remain humble even when everyone celebrates us because in the universal perspective we should be utterly ashamed at even the best that we offer. God is excellent and we will never be like Him. Creatures and beings serving Him in heaven are orderly, perfect, and excellent in the service they offer God, yet they are created just like us. We have nothing to brag about in God’s service. We can’t demand God’s favor because of anything we did.

We praise God for some hours and we feel we really worshipped. Yet creatures and beings in heaven are doing that endlessly without bragging. They do it perfectly and we can’t compare. Our best worship experience is only a blessing by God’s grace. No one should brag about organizational ability. A study of Ezekiel chapter one shows that there is much more organization in heaven than we know.

Therefore, what is their secret? Their secret is in today’s text. They are guided by the Holy Spirit of God. They respond to the Spirit of God. They are moved by the Spirit of God. They have synchronized their will with that of the Holy Spirit. Therefore their order, perfection, and excellence are a natural consequence of their yielding to the Holy Spirit.

The good news is that there is only one version of the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that makes them orderly, perfect, and excellent is the same one available to us. The difference is that they totally surrender and let the Holy Spirit lead and guide them, but we erratically engage the Holy Spirit. Our service of God is as erratic as our engagement of the Holy Spirit. That is why we have failed to reach the excellent service that God is given in heaven.

We allow the Holy Spirit to lead us to church for worship, but we do not allow Him to control our hate for some people. We allow the Holy Spirit to bless our singing, but we do not listen to the Holy Spirit on immorality among musicians in the church. We allow the Holy Spirit to use us in the pulpit while preaching, but are still struggling to accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit against some favorite sins. We do not fully engage the Holy Spirit and so the quality of our service is not any good at all, but by grace, God accepts it.

You and I can excel in anything and everything if only we can fully allow the Holy Spirit to control our lives. We should leave no room for human wisdom, rationalization, and knowledge. if we let God take over, excellence will sprout all over our services. We are the reason why we are not orderly, perfect, and excellent. The secret behind excellence in heaven is also available to you and me.

If the entire church fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit, we would move in unity of purpose and direction like the wheels in Ezekiel chapter one. We may be a complexity of races, tribes, gender, and classes but the Holy Spirit can make us one to the amazement of the entire world. We have access to what it takes to be the best church and best spouse, best worker, best leader, best anything. Just fully surrender to the Holy Spirit!

Full surrender will take us uncoerced to Bible study and prayer. Full surrender means we will do our humanly best but still fully dependent on the Holy Spirit. May God lead us to full surrender and consequently to heretofore unknown excellence and success in all that we do, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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Written by Dr. Rei Kesis
Rei Kesis is an ordained Pastor of the SDA Church and A Senior Lecturer of Applied Theology and Religious Studies. Profile

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      1. We continue to excel despite our limitations just because the lord has favoured us glorly be to God.Amen

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